WILD SOUTH | Amazing Nature of Southern Africa Full Documentary


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  1 month ago
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  1 month ago

In this 52-minute wildlife documentary, we visit the southernmost point of Africa where the warm Indian Ocean and the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean meet. The meeting of these oceans has not just shaped the coastline but thousands of kilometers away, the continent’s hinterland is also affected.

While some regions enjoy wet seasons with plenty of rainfall, other areas only get a few millimetres of rain a year. Appearances may be deceiving. Here, life flourishes in the most formidable of places. However, there is drought where cascading waterfalls flow.

A geography shaped by canyons, limestone valleys and infinite deserts.Some of the salt pans here are as large as a small country. Gigantic rocks that suddenly soar from the ground, strange trees protruding from among rocks and extra-terrestrial sceneries; eerie but fascinating.

In all its colors, sounds and mesmerizing images, this region is home to some of Africa’s most glorious vistas.

This is the “Wild South”.

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