Lives of Wild Dolphins - Help Mojostreaming celebrate National Dolphin Day!

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  2 years ago
CCAH | 9 subscribers
  2 years ago
While there are now many videos and books about the abuse of dolphins and whales in small concrete tanks doing tricks for dead fish, the richness and importance of life in the wild for these intelligent beings has been lacking.

Once you see dolphins and orcas in the wild, you understand why putting them in captivity for our entertainment is dead wrong.

Today, the International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute releases a new video, “The Lives of Wild Dolphins”, to show just how amazing dolphins and whales are in the wild and what they lose when they are cruelly captured and confined to captivity.

The International Marine Mammal Project is releasing the video to coincide with this year’s Empty the Tanks Day on Saturday, May 12th. Demonstrations will be taking place all around the world against keeping dolphins and whales in captivity. Check the Facebook Page for Empty the Tanks events in your city.
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