Trophy Hunting Debate - Episode 1 with Executive President of Born Free Will Travers vs Dr. Dilys Roe


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This long-overdue debate took place on Feb 26th, 2022, between Dr. Dilys Roe,
Chairperson of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s
Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi), (For Trophy Hunting) and
Will Travers, Executive President of “Born Free” (Against Trophy Hunting).

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This is the first episode from our series of debates on Trophy Hunting and we are asking for you to subscribe to our channel today at
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We kindly ask for you to share this video and help us spread the message. We can make a difference when we have an informative discussion from both sides.

We want to hear from you! Who do you side with? Who had the better argument? What facts surprised you? Do you see a solution to the problem? How can we work together in the best interest of wildlife? Your opinions do matter. Please have respect when leaving your comment.

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