Land Of The Free - Out Of The Shadows

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A Wildlife Movie that is a must-see. The follow up to the critically acclaimed multi award winning film, "Land of the Free - in the Shadows", now also a winner of four prestigious Film awards. These are the first of many expected awards.

Shot both overtly and covertly, “Land of the Free: OUT OF THE SHADOWS” goes where no film has ever gone before to expose the full depth of subversion and the nefarious disinformation campaigns systematically perpetrated by the trophy hunting industry. 

Currently, not available for viewing audience in Canada as well as the East Coast in the United States. 

If you are in the U.K., please write to your local M.P. encouraging them to vote for Henry Smith's Bill to ban trophy hunting imports on 25th November. Thank you. Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page:

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