Award-Winning Land of the Free


Trophy hunting is a poorly regulated industry leaving the door open for illegal activities.

AWARD-WINNING DOCUMENTARIES BY Lynn Santer, James Ganiere, & Priscilla Presley 

The Mission

to bring awareness, expose the truth, 

enlist the power of the people

and change the world! 

     It started with an email from Zimbabwe. 

It became a mission.

  3 women, 2 commandos, & the world's

 wildlife against some of the most

  powerful people on earth.

21 years later, Hollywood royalty,

             British royalty, & an every-growing movement

      have joined forces to save the voiceless 

    Watch Episode One: In the Shadows 


Episode Two: Out of the Shadows 


Interview with producers 


            Interview with Lynn Santer & James Ganiere

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