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With the critical vote for Henry Smith's Bill to ban trophy hunting imports on 25th November rapidly approaching, the massive disinformation campaign being mounted the trophy hunting industry has shifted into high gear

A newly released film, “Land of the Free: OUT OF THE SHADOWS” has gone further than any other before to expose the full depth of subversion and the nefarious disinformation campaigns systematically perpetrated by the trophy hunting industry. Shot both overtly and covertly, it is the movie of the moment, fully uncovering the dynamics behind Trophy Hunting, and the extent that Trophy hunters will go to to keep their activities legal.

If you are in the U.K., please write to your local M.P. encouraging them to vote for Henry Smith's Bill to ban trophy hunting imports on 25th November. Thank you. Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page:

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A question for Eduardo.

Surely it would make more political sense to ban the export of hunting trophies from the UK than the import of trophies into the UK. The UK exports more hunting trophies than it imports. It seems a bit hypocritical to expect the world to be the UK 's guinea pig while gambling with other countries wildlife and rural communities. Let the world see how the UK's wildlife flourish and rural communities livelihoods are improved with an export ban.
The feed seems to be lost mid sentence.
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