Three Chimps kidnapped from wildlife sanctuary for Ransom - here is what you can do to help!

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Step 5: Do not like or reshare videos of everyday people that have wildlife as pets

Step 6: Many countries still allow wildlife import into their

country. Most wildlife that is being imported have been captured in the

wild, families of the species being killed, many not surviving the

journey, etc. Many also were captured illegally to be purchased for high


Step 7: We must demand stricter laws for wildlife trade, especially on endangered species.

Step 8: Some states in the USA made it legal to own an endangered

chimp, and across other countries – we need to demand changing the

status from legal to illegal

Step 9: We must demand stricter laws and punishment against illegal trade, exotic breeding, auctions of wildlife, etc.

Step 10: Educate yourself and others on the harm in taking a baby

from its mother or what the impact can be when a species goes extinct.

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Here is one example of the effects on a species when people want to own a chimpanzee/ape as a pet.

To catch the babies, they have to kill the entire family in

the jungle, usually between 8 and 10 individual apes, and many of the

baby apes will die before reaching their final destination,” Chantereau

Many of the buyers of the smuggled babies are wealthy people

who want to keep exotic animals in their homes, according to Chantereau.


don’t understand the consequences of their actions because for one baby

to arrive in their hands, at least ten have been killed,” he said.

Keep in mind the harm to wildlife is mostly for money! It is a

multi-million dollar business. For example, if one is caught in the USA

for illegal trade of animals or illegal trade of body parts from

endangered animals, for example, ivory – the jail time and fines are

minimal; therefore, it does not encourage them to stop; this leads to

the next step of action.

Step 11: Contact your government demanding stricter laws. Vote for politicians willing to fight for wildlife and our planet.

Step 12: Financially support wildlife causes and/or wildlife sanctuaries and rescue groups.

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