PLEASE ACT TODAY- 80 Federally Protected BLM Branded Mustangs & Burros at Risk of Slaughter

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RE: URGENT Matter to Rescue 80 Bureau of Land Management branded horses & burros from immediate endangerment

November 10, 2022

Dear President Biden and Secretary Haaland,

Today there are 80 federally protected horses and burros under the present threat of sale and export for slaughter in 8 States and are in urgent need of rescue.

We need your immediate help to instruct the Bureau of Land Management today to rescue 80 BLM-branded mustangs and burros from Livestock-kill buyer auctions and to save them now from the life-threatening danger of harm and the most brutal death in 1. Bowie, Texas, 2. Stroud, Oklahoma, 3. Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, 4. Peabody, Kansas, 5. Cleveland, Tennessee, 6. Asheboro, North Carolina, and 7. Cleburne, Texas, 8. Rusk, Texas, 9. Rollin hill Farm, Virginia, and 10. Southern Wisconsin. (Please see links below)

An emerging crisis is happening for the government-captured wild horse and burros and the 80% of Americans who oppose the grisly slaughter of these magnificent beings due to a massive influx of BLM-branded equines showing up in large numbers across the country in livestock slaughter auctions.

To resolve this tragic disaster, we need your help to issue an executive order, a "stay on the export of horses and burros for slaughter," to be executed to spare these magnificent and federally protected icons of freedom from unimaginable suffering.

The Extortion of BLM-branded horses and burros:
The livestock auctions force sanctuaries and citizens to bid against kill buyers for the BLM- branded horses. This extortion is creating an enormous burden to pay exorbitant prices to save these horses from horrific suffering that is unjustly and enormously falling upon citizens, sanctuaries, and rescues due to the BLM's expedited mass removals of wild horses and burros from public lands and the BLM's enticing $1,000. the adoption incentive program, many of the sanctuaries are presently full.

It is incredibly unethical to place the formerly free wild horses after capture in inhumane and life-threatening conditions and then charge back to citizens, to have no choice but to pay exorbitant fees to kill buyers, to save them from export for tortuous slaughter.

Solutions, in summary, we implore you to:

  1. Rescue the 80 endangered BLM-branded horses and burros suffering and in immediate danger in 10 livestock auctions (See links below)
  2. To stop the betrayal and extortion of the horses and burros, citizens, and nonprofit organizations: Enact a safety net humane care program for all adopted BLM- captured wild horses and burros, including fines for any person who causes harm, threat, or death and suffering to the horses. We also beseech you to create urgently needed safety for the BLM-captured mustangs and help stop the extortion of the horses by the horse slaughter exporter tradespeople; by imposing a new $5.000. Fine for neglectful adopters per horse for their egregious action in dumping and endangering the animals in livestock-kill buyer auctions, and after they pocketed the BLM's $1,000. entrustment adoption incentive.
  3. Support the will of the majority voice of the 80% of Americans who oppose horse slaughter by closing America's borders to export our horses for slaughter and by supporting moving the SAFE ACT HR 3355 and S 2732 forward for a vote by Congress and the Senate. “Transporting equines to slaughter echoes the "throw away" mentality
    that governs industrialization, extraction and plastic use which contributes to the degradation of the ecosystem and the planet.”- Lorna Torrey-Palermo, Founder AWE, Advocates for Wild Equines
  4. Work with nonprofit organizations such as LWH to adopt cost-effective solutions and new studies to manage free-roaming wild horses and heal our vast grasslands to help sustain them and save the horses and surrounding communities from wildfires and climate change.

We are ready to work with you to help shift the paradigm to implement compassionate solutions that will benefit the survival of our lands, wild ones, indigenous and surrounding communities, and all stakeholders today and for future generations.

"Climate change is real; we need to make changes as soon as we can, or else, we are self- destructing. The help we receive from wild horses will help us work on positive solutions for wild lands and the climate change crisis that Mother Earth and we all are facing. Horses are sacred to me, my people, and many people, and I ask that you do all within your power to protect them today." ~ Chief Lee Plenty Wolf, Director on LWH Board

The Free Roaming Wild horse and Burro Act of 1971 clearly state that the BLM shall not endanger or cause suffering or harm to the horses. The BLM's incentive program, and lack of a safety net to protect the horses after adoption from export to Mexico and other countries for sale to the most inhumane, brutal slaughter, are causing immense suffering and harm for thousands of horses.

The positive intent of this Law enacted is clear; a great deal of entrustment is granted to the BLM and its affiliates to honor its true purpose, and we are seeing many misinterpretations and wrongful manipulation of this Law harming the horses and burros and the land.

We need your help now to close these loopholes to truly protect the last of our wild horses and burros and our grassland ecosystems to survive and thrive today and for future generations to inherit.

Thank you in advance for your immediate address of this urgent situation, from all of us, and all the wild horses and burros,

Love Wild Horses!® a California grassroots Nonprofit 501C3 Office- 833- 2ReWild

LWH Directors on the Board:
Jetara Séhart, Founder and President
Chief Lee Plenty Wolf, Spiritual Leader and award-winning Prayer Drummer and Singer of the Oglala Lakota Nation, Founder, and President of White Horse Creek Council 501C3
Evelyn Arce, Founder, Indigenous Resilience Consulting LLC
Michael Stocker, Founder and Executive Director Ocean Conservation Research

Core Members:
Jackie Oliveri, Co-Founder, Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rallies, Core Member of Advocates for Wild Equines AWE, and National Coordinator for Love Wild Horses®

LWH Voices for the Wild Hones and Wild lands:
Dewey and Penny Bunnell, Rock Star and his beautiful wife, Founding Member of the band America

Links to the Livestock Auctions, where wild horses are suffering, and in immediate danger of export for slaughter and in need of rescue today:
# of Horses and Burros in URGENT Danger:
1. 11 Bowie, in TX:

2. 34 Stroud's OK: gjc_g4WnlHN8

3. 2 in Rotz in PA: YwT LbJjJ6uaCOSCNVxAaGDlJWKx
4. 3 Peabody's in KS: 101725224522129/?paipv=0&eav=AfbTi1vW_bsTrJAwvBWj1iF5DPiJyqIwqEcI8agNTrR5jd13um1 z0 qO98AUw5pD0mOs
5. 1 Saving Slaughter bound horses, in
6. 1 Last Chance-in
7. 15 -Load of Mustangs-Cleburne, in TX 9oC poojMpQWEnLFh229TdsFG6HZ140_43g&paipv=0
8. 1 Rusk, Texas:
9. 1 Rollin Hill Farm in VA.:
10. 1 Southern Wisconsin:

Additional Links for Reference: prove- letting-them-roam-helps-the-land/ congress-bcc27c0fb3b9410c3b2eb1101b4b5b86 begins- in-nevada and- indigenous-filmmakers-unite-in-let-them-live-love-wild-horses-a-raw-short-film staving- off-wildfires-and-the-impacts-of-global-warm


Contact President Biden: 

CALL: 202-456-1111 FAX 202-456-2461

To Contact Secretary Deb Haaland

Call: 202-208-3100 FAX: 202-208-5515


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