Worst Kept Secret: Global Wealth Fuels Wildlife Trade


Within its 16,000-square-foot (1,486 square meters) confines are 1.5 million specimens, mostly products made from some of the world’s most critically endangered mammals and reptiles. Are you rubbing your eyes? Are you thinking that you must have read that wrong or are you accusing me of a typo? It is this work by the U.S Fish and Wildlife that scares the HELL out of Safari Club International and this is why SCI does corrupt things and they are trying to work around such. Trophy Hunting exotics and endangered species is one way they obtain billions of dollars. This is why they are good at paying people at the border to turn a blind eye. I will make note that not all members of the SCI are bad as many are caught up in their lies and conspiracy theories. It is my goal to go after the head honchos of the organization. To bring light onto the organization.

  • Demand for Exotic Goods: As global wealth increases, there is a growing demand for exotic and rare goods, including wildlife products such as ivory, rhino horns, tiger bones, pangolin scales, and exotic pets. These items are often considered status symbols, luxury goods, or are used in traditional medicine practices. 
  • Lucrative Market: The illegal wildlife trade has become a highly profitable and organized criminal enterprise. With increased wealth in certain regions, the ability and willingness to pay high prices for these illicit products also rise. This attracts criminals who exploit wildlife resources to meet the demand and profit from it. 
  • Weak Legal Systems: In many countries, especially those with emerging economies, weak legal and enforcement systems can create an environment where wildlife trafficking can thrive. Corrupt officials and lack of resources to combat the illegal trade make it easier for wildlife smugglers to operate. 
  • International Demand: Globalization and the ease of transportation have enabled the wildlife trade to become an international problem. The demand for exotic pets, luxury items, and traditional medicines extends beyond the borders of countries with significant wealth and reaches various regions worldwide. (Have you seen a cute tik tok video with a monkey as a pet?- that person who purchased that monkey is clueless on the crime that was committed for them to have such a pet and how many died just for that one to become a pet)
  • Poaching and Habitat Destruction: The increase in global wealth can also contribute indirectly to wildlife trade through habitat destruction. As economies grow, there is often a greater need for resources like timber, minerals, and agricultural land, leading to deforestation and destruction of natural habitats. This loss of habitat can push species towards extinction, making them more valuable in the illegal wildlife market. 
  • Tourism: Global wealth has also fueled an increase in international tourism. Tourists, often coming from affluent countries, may unknowingly or knowingly contribute to the demand for wildlife products while visiting exotic destinations. They may purchase souvenirs made from endangered species or engage in activities that involve exploiting wildlife. 
  • Lack of Awareness: While global wealth has led to increased education and awareness about environmental issues, there are still many individuals who remain unaware of the consequences of wildlife trafficking. Lack of awareness can perpetuate the demand for wildlife products and drive the trade further. 


While the United States is not considered a major source of illegal wildlife products, it is one of the world's largest consumers of wildlife products, including exotic pets, ivory, and other wildlife goods. Here's how the USA ranks with wildlife crime and corruption: 

  • Consumer Demand: The USA's high level of wealth and consumer demand for wildlife products, especially exotic pets, have contributed to the global wildlife trade. Illegal wildlife products are often smuggled into the country to meet this demand. 
  • Wildlife Trafficking Hubs: Due to its extensive transportation network and large seaports and airports, the USA serves as a transit country for wildlife products moving between different regions. Criminal networks exploit the country's transportation infrastructure to smuggle wildlife products into and out of the country. 
  • Enforcement Efforts: The United States has taken a few steps to combat wildlife trafficking and enforce laws related to the trade. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and other agencies work to intercept illegal shipments, prosecute offenders, and raise awareness about wildlife crime. They can do a hell of a lot better, but it does take funding and support. They do not receive the support they need.
  • Legislation and Regulations: The USA has enacted various laws and regulations to protect wildlife, including the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Lacey Act. The ESA provides protection for threatened and endangered species and their habitats, while the Lacey Act prohibits the trade of illegally obtained wildlife, fish, and plants.  

There are gaps and relaxed laws along with things not being enforced – just because there is an “act” doesn’t mean it is being utilized to its fullest – It can portray how criminals exploit gaps in the law. The Republican party also contributes to wildlife crime because they have little to no desire to protect wildlife, hell many people in this party do not believe in Climate change. That alone speaks volumes. I am not saying all Republicans but as a party in whole they have proven this with legislation.  

  • Corruption: Like any country, the USA is not immune to corruption, which can undermine efforts to combat wildlife trafficking. Corruption may involve officials turning a blind eye to illegal wildlife shipments or actively facilitating the trade. This is a huge problem in the USA and this is why we are at the top of contributing to the severity of the crime. USA is a country that can put money and power before right and wrong and over decency! We allow old white powerful men to run this country along with the NRA and SCI . 
  • Collaboration with Other Countries: The USA collaborates with other countries and international organizations to address wildlife trafficking on a global scale. It supports efforts to strengthen law enforcement, promote sustainable trade, and reduce consumer demand for illegal wildlife products. The USA has the power to combat wildlife crime and corruption, but we currently choose to do very little.  

Here is another article :


The trade in illegal wildlife is a $19 billion annual business with ties to the Russian mob and Islamic extremists, and there’s one place the world turns to investigate the crime: a federal forensics lab (and curiosity cabinet) in a hippie town in Oregon. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Forensics Service Laboratory in the United States. It is located in Ashland, Oregon, and is operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This laboratory serves as the only federal crime laboratory dedicated to investigating wildlife-related violations of U.S. laws.

Sad not only do we have the 16,000 Sq Ft building filled with over million species/trophies, we also have this building filled as well!

 We need and must provide more funding to such organizations that fight wildlife crime!

We even have conservationists, law enforcement, NGO’s, The US Fish and Wildlife (some divisions and/or individuals) who receive payouts, financial support. What should you do before supporting such NGO’s etc... If you find such organizations or individuals receiving money from the Safari Club International, NRA etc then you need to question this and do research before supporting such causes that seems to be legit when really, they are a smoke screen. They are puppets and are being controlled, being watched which all in return helps the bad people’s cause. These people do a WONDERFUL job of keeping their enemies close. So, I do agree some people are naïve and do not understand why they are receiving financial support. I once brought it to the attention of a Texas wildlife activist, filmmaker who was receiving financial support from an organization called Wildlife Partners, LLC who lie to people about their cause, and how it is about preserving and saving wildlife and how they support conservation. It is all a smoke screen. Their cause is making billions of dollars in profit from enclosed trophy hunting (ranches), so people do not have to travel to Africa to go trophy hunting. ALL about being powerful and 110% about being filthy rich. You can find their financials online. I encourage people to do their part and investigate yourself. Right now, all you can say to me is it is my “opinion”.   Correct it is my opinion based on my research.

 SOOO do your research- do your part.

We must spread awareness and have stricter laws because this is a global security risk and not to mention a public health risk.

At airports, seaports, and land border crossings in 2019, $4.3 billion of legal wildlife and wildlife products was imported into the U.S. Approximately 200 million live animals are imported to the U.S. annually, according to a five-year trade report: 175 million fish for the aquarium trade, and 25 million animals comprised of an array of mammals, amphibians, birds, insects, reptiles, spiders, and more. On top of that, thousands of illegally traded shipments of wildlife are intercepted each year. In 2019 alone, the agency opened more than 10,000 illegal wildlife trade investigations. Here is the kicker: Are you ready for this!

With few exceptions, the U.S. has no laws specifically requiring disease surveillance for wildlife entering the country, and the vast majority of wild animal imports are therefore not tested- Reread those numbers above and can you honestly say to me that you are okay with this? You feel safe?

It does not take an idiot to realize with these numbers that one organization like US Fish and Wildlife can handle these numbers - the start to solving this issue is to give them more funding and entice the younger generation to go into this line of work!

We are also destroying our ecosystem, which destroys the future of upcoming generations, and most people are just sitting back believing these people’s lies and allowing them to become multi-billionaires on our behalf. Are you going to allow this shit to happen? That is my question for the week.  

One person can make a difference just look and learn from Ofir Drori. Therefore, it is in each and everyone of us - one person doing a little can bring upon big change.

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