Trophy Heads (Art) you can be proud to showcase and no killing involved

A Note from Chris Jim who found a unique way to support his family.  

My name it's Chris Jim, I was born in Zimbabwe on 12/04/1976. I am the last born of a family of 8. My father Andria Jim died when I was 3 years so I was raised by my mother Maria Kim and my elder brothers. My brothers used to make cars and pushing toys out of wire, that's when I started and they taught me how to make my cars from wires. When I went to school I started to attend craft lessons from then it was my passion to make anything from wire. Still at school during weekends I used to go and sell my wires in the streets of Harare to the tourists. When I finished school there were no jobs at home so I kept on making my wire art and selling in the streets from there I didn't look back till now I am surviving from my art works. I am living in South Africa in Johannesburg,  I am married to Janet Fire, and we are blessed with 3 children,  Ashley,  Andrew and Adrian Jim. I am teaching them how one can create jobs from art.

Thank u for supporting my work,  Please visit:   USE CODE FreeShip for free shipping and save $40.00 until December 23, 2023  Allow 10-14 days for shipping

Regards Chris Jim


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