Five Shooter

Like fingers 
Each one different 
Distinct in purpose 
To hold, close your hand
Which one would you choose to lose
One less important than the other?
Big Five
Like fingers
All different, come together
Hold on for dear life
Which one would we choose to lose
One less important than the other?
Old Five
Like fingers
Hold a gun, one for a trigger
Squeeze off a round
One comes down
Which one did they choose to waste
One more prized than the other?
New Five
New hand dealt
Fingers come together
To hold a camera
One finger for a different trigger
To shoot yes, only to capture
No need to choose, shoot them all
Five shooter
All prized equally
Shoot as many times as you like
No harm will be done to any one
Finally a hand, a steady hand
Five fingers to capture the big five
Without making them captive
Only their powerful images
Capturing the brilliant truth 
The sentience of their existence
Their majesty in the wild
Their right to live and roam
In their home
Untouched plains and jungles
Mountains and ice flows
That’s the prize, the trophy shot
The New Big Five

Five Fingers - full hand
Point them out
One by one...follow the series

Lion - Index: Big cat royalty, Leo points the way...

Elephant - Middle: Tallest Pachyderm, largest animal who walks, centre hold...

Tiger - Third: Largest Panthera, star with stripes, lock-in ...

Polar Bear - Little: (Not that little!) Ursus of the sea, mighty white clamp...

Gorilla - Thumb: Misty mountain Primate, opposable grasp

Lion will lead the

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