The hurdles of working in conservation films

As a wildlife filmmaker based in a country like India that is high on blue chip and large scale productions and popular voices doing voice overs, specializing in conservation filmmaking is harder than one can imagine.

India is home to Bollywood, an industry that producers over 300-350 Hindi language films each year, my conservation film on roadkills stands almost no chance of getting noticed.

This makes it a challenge to hit that mark with your target audience and get the publicity ball rolling.

How do I address this gap? Well, we make them feel emotionally attached to the animal. 

You make it relatable.

You could look at the Big 5 or similar megafauna or make the story feel relatable and humanized. Personified.

Add the drama. Add conflict. 

Add the sense of adventure and the idea of pursuing something.

Make them feel like their involvement in this story is worth their time :) 

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140   1 month ago
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