In the second episode of this campaign am saying that Africans can only truly understand this, if they are exposed to content underlining the importance of biodiversity and conservation frequently.

It is no secret that television programmes, newspaper articles and social media determine what we talk about in our homes, workplaces and local eateries. We are what we watch and read.

This is why it is high time  both mojo live streaming and the media, traditional and social-steps up to their role of setting the agenda and turns its focus to what really matters, the environment. The people who have the ability to reach millions of Africans on a daily basis and shape the narratives in the African households also wield the power to ensure that wildlife thrives in modern Africa.

I know that this content exists, but we need to see more of it. If Africans begin to see more content on nature and wildlife, the conversation will definitely begin to change. Especially if other Africans, who are equally invested in the wellbeing and the development of the continent, tell them conservation is important.

Today, young Africans, who stand to lose the most as a result of nature’s destruction, dominate the media both social and traditional on the continent. We are members of the most educated generation Africa has ever had. We travelled more than our  parents ever did and the internet has opened the world to us in ways that previous generations could not even dream of. We  are innovative, technologically savvy, and even braver than the generations that liberated us from colonialism. 

To be continued next week…..

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74   1 month ago
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