In this 3rd episode which is the last of my intended sharing is that I have total confidence and belief that we  the young generation have  the best chance as we have to change the way our people and the rest of the continent talks about and perceives conservation. We the now generation, are the best chance we have to ensure Africa and all its inhabitants animals,human or otherwise have a future. Can you imagine, the  impact Kwame Nkuruma, Patrice Lumumba , Nelson Mandela and other renowned young Pan African leaders would have generated, if they had WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? They were also young when they started their struggle for independence . Today’s young people is perhaps facing an even bigger challenge than the past generation were but we also have more power.

If there is one thing that I hope that the COVID-19 pandemic can teach us all, it is that the health of humans is one and the same as the health of nature and wildlife. When this pandemic is finally over, we cannot surely afford to return to “normal” and continue ignoring the destruction we have been causing in the name of development. And this is entirely up to the African youth, mojo live-streaming and the rest of the world to keep us all on the right path.

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GodfreyUg | 3 subscribers
16   27 days ago
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