The Shooting Trap Part 2 - That’s Debateable

The Negative, which is positive
Key animals are targeted for qualities 
Often in their breeding prime
No head shots, can’t damage the goods
Commodities worth tens of thousands
That’s what animals are, but absolutely are not
It is outside of the ‘Arc of the moral universe’ MLK
Ethics have been excised, morals allowed to decay
Here’s where the real debate lies
Is hunting for conservation moral and ethical?
You can’t ask that, it’s not transactional
You can’t bank on it, can’t raise an invoice
Can’t raise $50,000 for a Lion’s life
Matching dollars for its stuffed head
If you can get it home, get it mounted
If you ask if this is right, the answer can’t be wrong!
Governments, and organisations and locals
Can’t afford that question, or the money will dry up
Coffers as dry as a waterhole in an African drought
No life-giving waters for living creatures
And creatures trying to make a living, by killing
Allowing killing, auctioning killing - highest bidding
Any animal you like, endangered or no
Just ask the 11 Critically Endangered Black Rhinos
South Africa is about to make a killing from their killing
And the money goes to…conservation - of Black Rhinos?!
Too late to ask the the two Tuskers of only 24 - now 22 to bring down
Moral bankruptcy will not stave off fiscal
First argument: it’s morally bankrupt 
Secondary: it’s not transactional in an ethical vacuum 
(like so much business as usual)
Second argument: Is it sanguine to indulge blood-lust?
The Joy of Killing - ‘Recreational Hunting’
Admittedly, sounds better than ‘Trophy’ says Nordic philosophy
Seeking a great white hope, inflowing currency 
Facilitating murderous intent, kill an animal
For reasons most can’t comprehend
Pose for a smiling pic, latest conquest
Even hold up a giraffe’s now not beating heart
Desperately seeking to kill, to show off a trophy
A head, a heart, an elephant’s foot ash tray
To adorn a grotesque mausoleum AKA living room 
All of this transactional, they showed you the money
To take it makes one complicit, in league 
Blood money maker, blood money taker
One needs the other to stain hands
Blood money drip-feeds down, to the ground
But hardly any, for the local enablers
Circles back to the search for a remedy
A way to pay locals for animals conserved
On the ground sentinels and Rangers 
Used to be called conservation, proper usage of language
Last argument: use the right words

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