The Shooting Trap Part 3. Words Can Hurt

Words can hurt - in this case kill, by definition…
Supposed to be the last argument, but maybe not
Words have meaning, lead to shared understanding 
Trophy on its own a clear word, same for Hunting 
Compounded they go oxymoronic, nonsensical 
Marketing for deliberately misleading
Trophy Hunting, no sporting prowess killing
Feel good appellation - maybe only feel better
Body parts are not trophies in 2022, neither manhood rituals
Like they were in early human wars and hunting gathering 
Held some mystical power over a dead enemy
Since when an enemy - a lion, elephant, giraffe, a rhino
And all of the others savagely pictured and posted
When it’s minding its own business
Just trying to stay alive in its own habitat
When was Trophy appropriated to blood-sport
For that matter, when did sport turn to killing
Its just a transaction, akin to an execution
A Trophy Hunter Hit Man fulfilling his own Contract
Purchases a licence to kill
Still misnomenclatured, still oxymoronic
Ethics left to humans playing god
When nature is ruled by the gods of chance
No guarantee for prey to make it through the day
Even if they could pray
Let the Dictionaries take note, erroneous definition
Trophy Hunting is neither sport not hunting
The search is on for its definitive replacement 
Body Part Killing, no direct transliteration 
Killing Animals for Body Parts - sounds like the descriptor
There’s a challenge for you 
Come up with an accurate name
Animal Killing (for no good reason (understood)
Is as close as a poet can get
Until creative licence is enacted
Thrill Killing grinning, compulsive killing chilling
Any deprecating descriptor
Still more accurate than Trophy Hunting
Put it in a can, as they do with lions
Let them shoot it down, a guaranteed kill
Let them pose, maniacally grinning
Next to the lifeless, grotesque corpse
Trophy Hunting, rest in pieces
Valued parts cut off, carted away
To stare out in death another day
From a former killer’s wall

‘It’s easier from an armchair’
I agree with Roger, in ‘Drowse’
Making these ‘expert’ comments
In ignorance from far away

No one wins this debate
While the animals lose their lives
To ‘conserve’ more of their kind 
Into it they fell so easily
The Shooting Trap

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