Brave Turtle - Australian Green Sea Turtle's Life Journey | Documentary

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Follow the daily life of a beautiful sea turtle named Bungee and all of her largest obstacles. The unique life cycle of an Australian green sea turtle and its journey across the open ocean

Sea Turtles are some of the most majestic and ancient creatures on Earth. For over 100 million years, they have traversed the seas, surviving multiple mass extinctions and playing critical roles in maintaining healthy, marine food webs. Not only do these friendly animals captivate us as they peacefully glide through the ocean, but their personal journeys of survival are equally fascinating. These remarkable reptiles will traverse thousands of kilometers of open ocean for as long as 50 years and then, from half a world away, migrate, with mysterious precision, back to the very beach where they were born -- to lay eggs that are the foundation of the next generation. With the turtles guiding us, our crews voyaged the same thousands of kilometers to capture the wonders of their habitats. Encountering many kinds of strange and compelling creatures from enormous breaching whales to the coral wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef -- all have been filmed in stunning 3D - so that playful sea lions, tiny sea horses and vibrant clown fish will float right out into the theater. Sea turtles remind us just how interconnected we all are in this amazing world and audiences will be moved to cherish them even more.

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