Masai Mara - The Big Hunt

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95   2 months ago
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95   2 months ago
When food supply in the Serengeti dwindles, the Masai Mara is a paradise for predators. As the black wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and antelopes make their yearly trip from the south of the Serengeti to the north, nature’s best laid trap, the Mara River in Kenya is waiting ahead. Captivating shots filmed underwater show how crocodiles prepare for the Big Hunt while other predators lurk on the banks awaiting their bounty.

The biggest problems for the migratory animals are the Mara and the Tarek River, where they have to put their lives at risk to get to the other side. A great number of them die as they jump into the river and break their legs, while others are carried away by the drift or drown. Those who are not victims of the river itself risk falling prey to the crocodiles. We entered this uncharted territory, the crocodile domain by heading under water.

Follow these predators in and around their habitat and watch prides of lions map out their game plan. In slow-motion, we show you the final showdown between predator and prey. Will it be a successful hunt or will the hoofed animals persevere?
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