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  1 year ago
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Mojostreaming is proud to introduce to you Roam 4 Wild The Documentary Film by Jeremy Conte and we encourage you to visit his website:
Roam 4 Wild was the Official Selection - Wildlife film festival, Official selection, and award winner - Nature without Borders film festival and Docs without borders film festival. Honorable Mention - Santa Monica Film Festival.

Roam4wild is a documentary film, a journey... and a priceless moment in time... about a man and his best friend Everest (an 11-year-old Swiss mountain dog) living out of a converted short bus (skoolie) traveling the country for 8 months while following a photography passion for wildlife and nature.
MojoStreaming and Jeremy Conte are in hope that this documentary encourages others to vote greener, appreciate the outdoors, get outside & be environmentally conscious. Love our wildlife.
A passion that can grow to a realization of not what you can do for the earth... but what the earth can do for you.
Coming to Mojostreaming- Jeremy Conte guest on our weekly show "Mojo Wildlife Talks" for a live Q & A session. Be sure to document your questions and we will let you know when it is scheduled.

Instagram: @Jeremyjamesconte
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