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For the documentary “The Tiger Mafia”, which has its virtual world premiere 2020, Karl Ammann spent a decade examining the mafia-like structures of the tiger trade, especially in China and Southeast Asia. Tigers are legally bred there on an industrial scale, as Ammann's documentation of over 200 Chinese tiger farms with approximately 6,000 tigers and many more in Laos and neighboring countries show. The tigers are speed bred to be used in zoos that offer cub petting as well as other forms of entertainment and ultimately to supply the insatiable demand for tiger parts. For comparison: there are only approximately 3,900 tigers still living in the wild (as of 2020). To maximize profits many of the tiger farms operate petting zoos where cubs can be used for interactions. When the cubs are two years old, they become dangerous and can no longer be used in tourist facilities. They are then killed to be used in traditional medicine or sold as luxury items including jewelry or rugs from their skins.
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