MojoStreaming talks with Andrea Crosta, founder of Earth League International


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Andrea is the founder of Earth League International (ELI), the first Intelligence Agency for Earth, a pioneer in using professional intelligence applied to environmental crime. Made up of former intelligence and law enforcement, crime analysts, cyber and geospatial intelligence experts, and undercover investigators, ELI fights environmental crime by merging the worlds of conservation, intelligence, technology, and analysis.

Ways you can help: 

1. We need to update laws on wildlife trafficking and environmental crime. 

2.  We then need to enforce those laws! If you do not enforce the laws, then laws mean nothing 

3. Change the Narrative:  We must not focus on just the poachers.  We need to realize these are poor people who are offered years of pay to make one kill.  We will always have crime - crime is fast money.  We must educate, provide them with work, and teach them there are others ways to make money. 

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