Wildlife Safari Clip of Nyala Antelope


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  7 months ago
wildlife antelope by Magda Ehlers
The nyala is an antelope that is native to Southern Africa and is a species of the family Bovidae and genus Tragelaphus. The nyala’s coat is brown in females and juveniles, but grows a dark brown or grey in mature males. There are two subspecies of nyala: The lowland nyala (Tragelaphus agasi), and the mountain nyala (Tragelaphus buxtoni). Female and young male nyala have ten or more white stripes on the sides. Both males and females have a white chevron between their eyes and a long, bushy tail a white underside. Only the males have spiral horns; these are yellow-tipped and have one or two twists.1

The nyala occupies dense woodlands on the coastal plains and major river valleys of eastern Africa from southern Malawi to Natal and is a cover-dependent browser and grazer.2 Their habitats include lush grasslands next to the cover where these animals spend the day; at night, they emerge to graze during the rainy season. Their habitat requirements are thought to be partly due to the fact that nyala do not have the explosive running ability of many other African antelope. Females and young live in small herds of five or six animals. Male nyala occupy overlapping ranges and are nonterritorial.
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