Cheetah Outreach Trust with Deon Cilliers


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The primary goal of the Cheetah Outreach Trust is the conservation and promotion of the co-existence of the free roaming cheetah in South Africa that live on farmland areas in South Africa. From a global estimated 100,000 cheetahs at the turn of the 20th century the population is currently estimated to be 6674.

They are proud of our continuing efforts over the past 20 years to protect these cheetah on South African farmlands.  The Cheetah Outreach Trust through working with the communities in these areas has developed initiatives that reduce and manage the human-wildlife conflict between farmers and cheetah. In addition, the Cheetah Outreach Trust has a well regarded curriculum-linked educational program for learners operating at the Cheetah Outreach facility in the Cape Town area. The Cheetah Outreach Trust works with academic institutions locally as well as internationally to initiate research projects focused on the conservation of cheetah on farmland areas in South Africa. Learn about the dogs they use and be inspired that there are easy solutions and lives can be saved! 

Enjoy this amazing interview, we believe it will be one of your favorites as well.

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Such a wonderful successful solution of the human wildlife conflicts! I realy get hopeful and wish and hope that this will be a rolemodel for conservation and spread the video and the message all over the World, I am sure this is the solution of wildlife humans conflicts all over the World,Corporation,understanding and dialog.