Elephants - Back to the Wild (never before seen footage) | Full Documentary


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  2 months ago
CCAH | 10 subscribers
  2 months ago

An entire year of the life of orphan elephants is captured on film, where we witness them grow up and be reintroduced into the wild. The film showcases the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and its breeding and rehabilitation station for elephants. We use never before seen footage that perfectly shows the coexistence of elephants and the highly emotional relationships that elephant groups maintain. The result is a spectacular look at the wonderful animals and their habitat.

We accompany the first steps of a two-year-old elephant who is just starting his release program. He strolls through the park with his herd, meeting all types of other animals. Along the way, he meets the cow elephants, which oversee the education of the young animals. They teach them how to protect themselves from the sun by using dust, how to find fire extinguishers, and how to swim in the rivers. We also observe the story of two young elephants in their first night in the wilderness on their own. Captivating film footage allows us to truly learn how elephants behave in the wild.

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