The serval is a small and less frequently seen member of the cat family. Solitary and shy, they are mainly nocturnal hunters, though they may sometimes be spotted in the early morning or late afternoon.

They prey upon birds, snakes, lizards, frogs, insects, cane rats, hares and on occasions, duikers and dik-diks. In turn,several are preyed upon by larger carnivores such as hyenas and leopards. Both male and female servals defend territories up to 13 square kilometers in size. They Also called Killer ears. This serval will sit patiently in the grass, rotating its head back and forth, scanning the savannah for prey. Not with its eyes, but with its ears. These remarkable ears are the largest of any cat – acting like radars to detect the slightest movement in its surroundings. Servals are striking cats. They are leggy, with the longest legs of any cat relative to their body size. They pounce upon their prey with a spectacularly high spring, jumping up to 3 metres/ 10 feet in the air. With its long legs, short tail, elongated neck and large ears the serval is sometimes (rather unfairly) called the “cat of spare parts.” It may look ungainly, but this slender cat is one of the most successful hunters of all wild cats. Over 50% of their hunts end in a kill, which is about 20% better than lions hunting in a pride. They eat rodents, birds, snakes, frogs. They are not picky eaters, though unlike many cats they rarely scavenge. Probably because they don’t need to. Unsurprisingly sightings of these shy cats are rare, they will certainly hear you coming!www.interiorsafarisea.com @Godfreytheguide

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