Chlorocebus pygerythrus


1. They spend almost their entire life on the trees (arboreal animal). They are proficient climbers and jumpers.

2. They are omnivores (they eat both plants and meat). Their diet is based on leaves, buds, shoots, flowers, fruit, roots, insects, eggs, grubs and small birds.

3. They usually breed from April to June. Pregnancy in females lasts 165 days and ends with one baby.

4. They communicate through sounds and body language. A raising eyebrow is meant to be a threat to others in the troop. There are also vocalizations like crying and barking to signal different information. Wanting calls are used by mothers to attract infants while chattering signals irritation or aggression. 

5. During mating season the males testicles turn bright blue, a flamboyant show to suggest their suitability as a mate.

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