PrideRock Wildlife Refuge

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PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is a private big cat rescue facility that needs your help.

PrideRock is safe haven for Big Cats that have been abused, abandoned, confiscated or that can no longer be properly cared for by their previous owners for whatever reason. The Refuge is located on 9 acres, thirty miles east of Dallas in Kaufman county, Texas.

PrideRock is a non-profit corporation and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt publicly supported organization.

The Refuge is operated by Gary and Carol Holliman and is currently home to 7 lions, 12 tigers, 7 cougars.

To learn more, and to support the sanctuary, visit

Music, "Pachelbel meets U2", arraigned and performed by Jon Schmidt.

Video produced, directed, photographed and edited by Barry Stevenson. Visit for more information.
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