Fighting Poachiing The Story of Pius

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Fighting Poaching The Story of Pius
Fighting poaching through entrepreneur training: The Story of Pius, Directed by Rob Feakins (Connecticut) was an official selection of #OregonDocumentaryFilmFestival Spring 2020
Synopsis: Many poachers have no other choice but to poach to provide for their families. Grumeti Fund, which has innovative poaching patrols, has invested heavily in education and entrepreneur training so villagers can develop real businesses and avoid poaching. In this film, Pius is a former poacher who through business training now has a successful beekeeping business.

Bio: After a career in advertising, where Rob won over 600 awards for purposeful and cause-oriented work (Rob's team launched Citibike in NYC and created the Adopt a Foster Child campaign), Rob decided to take his learnings and apply it where it's needed most. Helping non-profits tell their story. Rob operates his own camera, directs, produces, and edits his own work. His company For All Humankind works at cost for non-profits.
Please learn more at and/or Instagram @rfeakins.
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