Yellowstone Wolf Hunting and Trapping


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This video is about the controversial decision to allow the Wolves from the Yellowstone Park perimeters to be trapped and hunted. The video has been edited to include the most pertinent points from each of the two interviews, while ensuring each participant reasonable time to share. In the one interview, Montana State Representative Paul Fielder agreed to speak with MojoStreaming on the grounds his interview would mean a more balanced conversation and would provide the public with both sides of this issue. Rep. Fielder was unable to join our panel discussion, Friday. Instead, we spoke with Representative Fielder, one on one, Thursday. We then combined significant portions of each conversation, pairing parallel questions and topics. In the second interview, we had Roger Dobson from Protect the Wolves, Stephen Capra from Footloose Montana, and Jocelyn Leroux from Western Watersheds.

Urge Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland to enact an emergency relisting of gray wolves as endangered species.
Phone 202-208-7960

Hosted by Katherine Mozzone Produced by Katherine Mozzone, Bernard van Speyk, and Cami Ciotta
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I’m troubled by some of Rep. Fielder’s remarks. Foothold traps are nothing like handcuffs, and I also dispute his other assertion that traps have improved over the years. He claims there’s a gap in the jaws that represents some significant progress. In what way does a 1/8 or 1/4” gap represent significant progress? He claims that the legislation was a response to elk hunters who want more elk to hunt. What about what the rest of us want?
I appreciate the points that Roger, Stephen, and Jocelyn made.

In my advocacy for wolves, my observations include the following:

1. Killing wolves is inhumane and ecologically and economically foolish.

2. Trapping any species is also inhumane.

3. Wolves need protection, not "management." As Roger noted, they regulate their own populations.

4. "Harvest" is a euphemism for killing.

5. Politicians and bureaucrats tend to serve special interests, as understood through public choice economics. In the world of wolves, these interests are the hunting and livestock industries.

6. The livestock industry needs to use non-lethal deterrence, and the hunting industry needs to understand basic ecology. Predators serve the health of prey populations.

7. I encourage the expansion of private solutions for wildlife conservation in addition to continued political and legal efforts.

David E. Shellenberger
Advocate for International Animal Welfare
I would like to know if Rep. Fielder has considered forms of control other than hunting and trapping at all.
I would like to know on what basis the Representative ranks the desire of Hunters to slaughter other species above the lives of an iconic species. Just for starters