Ian Redmond Interview Eps2

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Ian Redmond Interview continues. 

Ian Redmond, an exuberant and tireless wildlife defender, world-renowned scientist, researcher, speaker, and board member of a number of organizations, including Ecoflix, an excellent Wildlife channel that is not dissimilar to MojoStreaming. In addition, Ian is - well, a just all round nice guy. In this interview,, Ian speaks about anything and everything that has to do with wildlife. He does so in a completely captivating way, and we recommend that you spend a bit of time watching these fascinating interviews.

Ian discusses Digit the Gorilla

Digit was fatally hit by several spears and his body was mutilated: his head, hands, and feet were hacked off, presumably to sell them as souvenirs.

Watch Part 3 here:  https://www.mojostreaming.com/video/799/ian-redmond-from-discocer-bbc-and-national-geographic-interview-eps3

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