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932   2 years ago
National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day

Next National Wildlife Day Saturday, 4 September 2021
National Wildlife Day is celebrated every year on September 4. The day's purpose is to raise awareness about endangered species and their habitats, which need to be protected and rescued. It is also a day to recognize the work that some animal sanctuaries and rescue groups do to help preserve wildlife and to educate their visitors about the dangers that animals face and how they can help. This goal is so important that National Wildlife Day is observed twice a year: on September 4 and February 22.


National Wildlife Day was founded in 2005 by Colleen Paige, with the intention of bringing awareness to the problems that the planet's wildlife faces. In September of 2006, the world lost one of its best wildlife experts and conservationists, Steve Irwin. In his honor, Paige dedicated National Wildlife Day to him and his work, and added the date of February 22, Steve Irwin's birthday, as the second observance of National Wildlife Day. This is a day when preservation organizations and sanctuaries can get attention to promote their work and teach people about how crucial it is that we keep endangered animals and their habitats safe. Animal extinction often happens because of human actions, so it is important to educate people on how they can help at preventing this. Many animals are defenseless and count on our help to survive, this day should inspire us all to do good and take action.

What to do on National Wildlife Day

If you have a special interest in animals and conservationism, check with wildlife rescue groups and sanctuaries near you to see if they need any volunteers. If you are unable to donate your time, or you have no animal sanctuaries near you, set up a monthly donation to a preservation organization, or sponsor one of their animals. You also can become a subscriber to MojoStreaming a network dedicated to promoting wildlife at . Wildlife isn't just about animals, but also about nature. Take this day to go for a hike or a camping trip and try to escape the busy city life and connect with the nature around you for a bit, exploring the great outdoors. While you're at it, keep the environment safe for animals by cleaning any trash that you find left behind from other people before you.  To learn more about wildlife or to enjoy shows about wildlife please visit   If you are passionate about making a difference be a fan/supporter of Mojostreaming Events:

423   2 years ago

Welcome to the newly released MojoStreaming Network!

We are offering our channel for free while we continue creating our network! 

Until October 2021 the cost is "Free" 


Freemium:  Free with Ads with limited access to the content and site. 

Standard:  $24.99/yr Ad Free access to the our movies and selected additional features.

Premium: $29.99/yr Ad Free with full access to the site (including the News Channel and our Live Streaming Channel)

1373   3 years ago
Service Offerings

LIVE STREAMING: Coming January 2021

Take viewers on safari with real-time streaming of wildlife from sanctuaries and reserves around the world. 


Enthralling wildlife feature films, reality shows, drama series and animated shows 


Premium quality content that entertains, sparks curiosity and educates 


A wildlife news channel, featuring news broadcasts, as well as hosting debates and talk shows on controversial topics. 


An opportunity to interact with fellow enthusiasts by sharing personal collections of photos or videos while attracting newcomers with stunning content. 


A reliable platform to support wildlife sanctuaries

Enjoy are recently opened  Art Gallery and Store

1246   3 years ago


To rejuvenate the love for wildlife through inspiration, creativity and compassion. 


To ignite empathy for animals through mesmerizing and entertaining content while educating the world about the importance of wildlife 


Become the voice of thousands of species and motivate our audience to support and safeguard the wildlife and the environment through our content.


Enjoy our site for free until March, 2021 

2021 Support us by becoming a member and purchasing a yearly membership! 

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