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Trophy Hunting Debate - Second in series

March 18, 2022 
Safari Club International declines challenge to partake in Trophy Hunting Debate

After three weeks of deliberation, Safari Club International has decided against entering into a debate against high profile Trophy Hunting opponent, British M.P. Sir Roger Gale, on the advice of their PR Company.

Toronto, Ontario – Bernard Van Speyk, President of, expressed his disappointment today over SCI’s (Safari Club International) decision to reject his invitation to partake in the second of a series of debates that the channel is holding on the topic of Trophy Hunting.

After weeks of deliberation, a Vice President of S.C.I. communicated to Van Speyk that

SCI’s PR Company had advised him to decline the opportunity to participate in the upcoming debate.

Van Speyk said he was both disappointed and surprised by the decision. Given the SCI’s vigorous support of both the campaign against legislation to ban imports of Wildlife into the U.K., as well as the removal of Section 436 from the 2022 appropriations package in the U.S., I would have thought they would have jumped at the opportunity to publicly defend their support of Trophy Hunting”, he said.

Sir Roger Gale expressed his disdain at the decision, describing it as indefensible. 

MojoStreaming is reaching out to a number of well known Trophy Hunters to replace S.C.I. and take up the challenge to defend their premise that Trophy Hunting is necessary in Wildlife Conservation. The first debate in the series, featuring Will Travers debating against Dilys Roe can be seen at

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