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Who are the people behind MojoStreaming ?

Bernard van Speyk
C.O.O. and President

Bernard, based in Toronto, Canada, has been a lover of wildlife since childhood.

President of the Crate Group Ltd, MojoStreaming’s majority shareholder, he has 35 years post diploma experience in all facets of the film industry, in addition to experience with another of the Crate Group's entities, CareerCrate, a career guidance video platform. MojoStreaming is both his vision and his passion.

Cami Ciotta
 V.P. Development and Strategic Partnerships

Cami, based in Logansport, Indiana, is the Co-Founder and COO of Go Indie TV, a Roku channel, and undertakes Content Acquisition for iWoman TV . Cami accesses content, advertisers, and forms strategic partnerships with 3rd party organizations vital to MojoStreaming’s success.

Gavin Sweeney

V.P. Documentary and 
Reality Shows

Gavin Sweeney, based in Cape Town is an award-winning writer, director, and producer of television drama and comedy series, features, and commercials. He worked his way up through the film industry starting off as a production manager and later as a first assistant director. With his company “Dancing Light” in Cape Town he went on to produce and direct fiction television series, three of which were nominated for national awards

Munir Noorbhai

Financial/Corporate Advisor

Munir Noorbhai, CPA, FCCA, based in Toronto Ontario, has over 25 years of financial and corporate experience servicing the Film and Television equipment and Studio rental business in Canada, most recently as Executive VP and CFO of William F. White International Inc., Canada’s leading film production equipment and studio supplier. As well,

Munir is a wildlife enthusiast and will be providing financial and corporate advisory 
services throughout the various stages of MojoStreaming's development.

Brigid Olen

V.P.  Dramatic Film Production

Brigid, based in Cape Town, is one of South Africa’s best-known Film Producers. She has been a partner at Do Productions for 25 years.

Brigid will oversee MojoStreaming’s dramatic film productions. Brigid is a leader in her field having achieved many international awards and consummate praise for her contribution to the industry, not only as a producer but as a pillar in industry-based organizations. Her passion for projects ranges from strongly commercial to International award-winning art-house features.  

Cathleen Trigg Jones:  Founder of and an award-winning journalist is the host of many of our interviews and debates that are featured on our live streaming and news channel. 

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